CPC Members' Area

Welcome to the Members' Area. PLEASE NOTE that we have made some of this area publicly viewable. So you will not need to register or log in when you want to use the Music rehearsal aids, for example. We hope this will be a help to those who have just joined the choir, or those who are having difficulties with registration or passwords...
If you do need to access any of the protected areas, then use the Sign-in box below. Otherwise, please go straight to the page you need.
Links to Members' Pages - OPEN
  • Music - Go here for help with Christmas 2018 concert and the Mozart / Bernstein concert in April 2019
  • Dates - for key CPC events over the next year or so
  • 2018 AGM - See here for info on AGM to be held on Tuesday 9th Oct 2018

Links to Members' Pages - SIGN-IN NEEDED
  • News - this where you will get any news that is for members only
  • Info - here we keep background information on the choir

Not all of these pages are fully updated yet, but be patient...

Update on what's happening to our website
You may have seen that the CPC website has been looking rather chaotic recently, and that it has now changed appearance. This is due to the fact that our web hosting service (Webs.com) have updated their web software, which has forced me to change the way that the website is set up. It will take a little time to sort out how best to make it work for us.  Meanwhile we are considering moving our website to another, UK based, web hosting service. 
So please bear with us while we work through these issues. If you have any problems with the site, or if you have suggestions for changes, please contact me at webmaster@clevelandphilharmonicchoir.com
Steve Weighell (Bass1, Concert Manager & Webmaster)
30 Aug 2018