CPC Members' Area

Welcome to the Members' Area of the Cleveland Philharmonic Choir's website. Here you will find information about our plans during this COVID period when we are unable to meet and rehearse together. 
Note that by the middle of 2021 there will be major structural changes to our website as we move from being hosted by Webs to VistaPrint. Members of the choir will no longer need to log into the website.  Instead, there may be a small number of areas of information which will be accessed by password, but most of the information will remain publicly viewable, to make it easier for our members, new and old, to access the information they need.

Music for the 2021 Summer Term - Join in with some online singing rehearsals

Isaac Conroy, our Assistant Music Director and all-round excellent musician, has agreed to continue Zoom rehearsals on Tuesdays from 7.30-8.20pm.  The 'meeting' will open at 7.15 to allow people to connect and catch up with friends.   

Here is the music for the pieces we plan to sing in our this summer.  You can download these and print them off. Other support for these pieces will be added shortly.

We will restart Zoom rehearsals on Tuesday 27th April 2021.  The invitation details are on a Choir Newsletter that you should have received.  If you do not have the information you need, please contact your voice rep.

Isaac will start us off with vocal warm-ups and will play the piano accompaniments, and has even volunteered to help us by singing each part!   

Please remember that, while you will be able to hear Isaac singing and the accompaniment, nobody will be able to hear you, so you can sing as loudly (and as badly) as you like without embarrassment!

Please see this Help document for how to set up and use Zoom in these rehearsals.

The sessions are voluntary and  is no charge for them.  However, if you are no longer paying a sub, you might consider making a voluntary donation at some point in the future.

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If you have any questions, comments or suggestions about the website, especially as we go through the migration to another website provider during 2021, please contact me at:
Steve Weighell (Bass1, Concert Manager & Webmaster)